Runescape Auto Clicker

How to Use

While testing the software, many didn’t work really well so we came up with a whole new fool-proof version. All you need to do now is to run your web browser with the application in it and manoeuvre over to the place where you want to us it. Now you need to find out where your items spawn. Next, on the Runescape auto clicker you need to press record and then click on the places that you identified in the last step. When this is done, just return to the original point where you began recording. Now you need to wait for sometime depending on how long it takes for the items to respawn.

The above was an example only; the software is not limited to picking items up alone.

What all can you automate?

There are items such as rocks etc. which appear at the same place every time; you can automate combat skills on such items. Then there are trees spawning at the same place over and over again, you can use this software for automated woodcutting. Slightly tougher to use it for fishing, but they the spots do become recurrent after a while. There are many more!

Runescape auto clicker, rs auto clicker
Runescape Auto Clicker

Will this get you banned?

We weren’t joking when we said that we’ve tested this to be fool-proof! The fact that makes this the best is that the auto clicker does not change the original client at all which makes it look completely safe and natural and there is literally no chance for Jagex to tell the difference between our software and manual software run without software.

Why would you want to use this?

Let’s face it, there are things in Runescape that can often become really boring for many of us. Things like levelling up a character can be made really easy using this application, you can just set it to perform an activity and you will have gained through multiple levels in no time. Basically, if there are things which you do not need to concentrate on and if there are things that you’re finding boring, then automate them using the Runescape auto clicker, you don’t need to break your head over it!

Don’t Believe The Rumours

Believing rumours is always the wrong thing to do, for one, you do not get banned if you ignore communication from a player, moderator or a Jagex moderator. Those who believe that just believe hokum. Moving on, there is no hard and fast rule that says that you need to have a keyboard in order to play Runescape. That is where the software comes in handy since it is possible to use the mouse alone for all your purposes. There is no need for you to worry about the moderators when you’re using this application, it makes you appear exactly like a regular person and hence you will not be blocked or banned for not responding to a moderator.

Runescape auto clicker and Auto Typer
Runescape Old School Auto Clicker

Where is the FAQ?

If you have questions, then just sit down and email us with whatever you need, don’t be shy. You can use our Runescape auto clicker contact form for your queries and we will respond to you as soon as possible, maximum 72 hours.