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Privacy Policy of Runescape Auto Clicker

We have devised the following policy in order to protect your privacy. The purpose for collection of your personal information will always be mentioned before or during the collection process. The information collected will be used only for the purposes that we ourselves specify and will never be used for any other purposes without your personal consent as is mentioned in the law. In no situation will we collect your personal information through any unlawful or unfair means and only at places where it is appropriate and with your own permission and knowledge. The data (personal) we collect from you should at all times be relevant for whatever it is to be used for and only the amount of data that is will be collected. The data should always be complete, accurate and up-to-date. Reasonable security measures will be taken by Runescape in order to protect your personal information and prevent theft or loss of the same through unauthorized access, copying, modification and disclosure. Any information on the policies and practices which are related to the management of the personal information will be made available always.